Create a Team!

Register your group or business to join at the Santa Anita Derby Day 5K!  Creating a team can be a fun way to engage your employees, large family, schools, clubs, meetups and more at the Derby!

To Create:

To Create a Team, during the registration process, simply select the option to Create a New Team. This is on the third screen after you enter your name, race and agree to the waiver.  It’s probably best not to create a password.


After completion, the Team Captain will be able to send out a link directly to their teams registration site, or individuals can register and search for the team during the registration process.  In addition, the captain can use their Team Captain link to view who is registered, add individuals to team, etc.

How do I get the discount?

Teams of 10 and more will automatically receive $5 off their registration.  The first 9 will pay full price, and when member #10 registers, they will get the $5 off their registration, and the previous 9 will receive a $5.00 credit back to their credit card account as well.